Village Organisations


Church of England, in the Diocese of Worcester.

The church is currently open for normal services and details of the schedule can be found in the Link Magazine.

For more information see Bill Graham the churchwarden.

For more information about the history of the church, see the Village History section.


Everyone who lives in the Village is part of the Social Club and many and varied events are held throughout the year.

These range from guided walks, bowling nights, quizes, picnics and garden parties.

Click here for more information.


A group of local villagers who ring here on Mondays and in Eckington on Tues and Thurs evenings to practice

See Kate Collingwood for more information.


The Village Hall is available for private hire and can accommodate up to 50 people.

There is some limited parking available.


There is a local group coordinated by Art Lavelle. Please contact him for more information.

For new residents to the village since July 2020, he also has a few FREE Smartwater packs available - easy and unique marking of your property

Here is a link to the latest South Worcs Newsletter


Traditional Fruit and Flower Show

Held in Brailes Orchard on the last Saturday in August every year (the Bank Holiday weekend), a highlight of the social calendar. It has been held in the village for more than 75 years.

A traditional marquee houses the floral, vegetable, culinary exhibits as well as wine, beer, cider and plum jerkum, photography and arts and crafts. They are all entered into their own classes and prizes awarded.

Lots to do with an array of stalls to browse around and traditional family entertainments such as treasure hunt, skittles, coconut shy, bottle casino, tombola and a novelty dog show.

Highlights are the egg-throwing and plank plodding competitions, as well as village teas and the famous village bar.  


It's the main village fund raiser for the village hall, church and other village groups.


Social Club

What is the Social Club ?

All residents of the village are automatically members of the Social Club. It is run as a non-profit making organisation, for the benefit of the villagers and to raise funds for worthy causes both in the village and for local charities.

There is an organising committee which is appointed at the AGM. For a list of current committee members, and the AGM minutes and the current club rules click the button below.

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Village Calendar

Social Committee Members

Jayne Wilks (Chair)

Colin Maycroft(Treasurer)

Suzanne Hamilton

Geoff Hodgson

Margot Archer

Rob Harrison

Audrey Maycroft

Dave Wilks